Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peyton the INCREDIBLE and his cute little sidekick

Obviously I have been TERRIBLE at updating this blog. But I swear I'm turning over a new leaf and will be updating at least once a week...or at the VERY least once every two weeks. I've been inspired by my friend Sabrina who is a fantastic family blogger to blog every week about my little life and kids and then get it all printed into a lovely little journal/scrapbook thing at the end of the year. She is really great at it and it is such a perfect way to keep a family journal and "scrapbook" without having to actually scrapbook. I want to be better so here is my first attempt.

Ok. So since its been since October since I've posted, I will quickly run through our latest news:
...ummm...we have none. Nothing much has happened since then! Daniel still has a job (he actually got a raise recently and I'm very proud of him), Peyton is still keeping me running, Sawyer is still growing and growing and growing, and I am still trying to juggle being a mom, wife, interior decorator, photographer, blogger, etc...which never seems to be in balance. Other than all that, there is really no big news to announce and no major events worth mentioning. :)

Now back to the present. Sawyer is now just a few days shy of 8 months old which just seems ridiculous to me. It is mean how 9 months of pregnancy seems like a lifetime but the first 9 months of your baby's life seems like a minute. Its just not fair. I think it feels like its going by so quickly because with Peyton everything was so slow and long and drawn out. In a weird way I sort of wish Sawyer was born smaller so his smallness would last longer. But despite my wishing, time speeds along and he grows bigger everyday. I know I'm probably a tad bit biased but he is the most adorable baby I've ever seen. He looks nothing like Peyton (not to say that Peyton isn't adorable as well) and seems to be favoring Daniel's side. He has long black eyelashes, blue eyes, lots of light brown hair, little kissable lips, and the cutest scrunchy-nosed smile. He has a little monkey nose and sort of resembles a baby gorilla. He is getting nice and plump the older he gets and has the chunkiest little thighs that make his whole body look squatty. Sawyer is into EVERYTHING and army crawls like a pro. He has also learned how to pull himself up to stand and scales the furniture. This is a completely different experience for us than what we went through with Peyton and I will soon be baby-proofing to avoid the accidents that will inevitably be heading Sawyer's way.

Peyton just ADORES Sawyer and asks me everyday if Sawyer can go play in his room with him. Sawyer in turn thinks Peyton is the coolest kid in town and laughs hysterically at nearly everything he does. They are best friends already and I'm really hoping it will last!

Anyway, we LOVE Sawyer and don't know how we ever lived without him.

So lately I've been feeling guilty about not spending enough playtime with Peyton. I've been really busy with my blog, decorating houses for people, keeping up with my own house, and taking pictures for people and I've noticed myself telling Peyton to "hang on" and "wait for me to be done working" a lot when he wants to play. I always have the intention of eventually getting everything done so I can play, but of course there is always way more to do and not enough time to do it so the playing just keeps getting delayed and delayed. So after a lot of mom-guilting and re-prioritizing I committed to myself that I would make sure to take time everyday, no matter what else needs to be done, to stop and play with Peyton. I had made Peyton a quickie super hero mask and cape out of felt and an old t-shirt that he would wear around the house but he complained that it was "too itchy" and that he needed a new one. He had been making this request for a few months and so finally I took the time to sit down and sew something non-itchy and more substantial that would hold up to his super-heroics. He LOVES his new reversible hero mask and monogrammed cape and we spent a good 2 hours or so playing hero and monster while listening to action movie scores on Pandora. I of course was the monster and Peyton had a blast "killing me" in every imaginable way he could think of. The best part about our superhero playtime was that Peyton would totally choreograph his moves to the sounds of the music. It completely cracked me up. If the music was dark and sinister sounding he would hunker down and start peeking around corners listening for the "monster". And then when the music would resolve and become triumphant he would "kill" me and stand on top of me with his fist in the air yelling "I am the HERO! Yay for Peyton!!". It was so fun to play and a nice little bonus that I got a good little workout in for the day as well. I realized during our playtime how truly precious this time with him is and how their will be a day when he won't want to "kill" me, but maybe really KILL me for enforcing house rules or embarrassing him in front of his friends. I decided that I need to keep this in mind next time I'm about to tell him, "When I'm done with *fill in the blank* I'll play." I mean, who wouldn't want to be this superhero's monster anyway? :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm so homesick right now! We just spent nearly the entire month of September in Idaho visiting my family and I'm still trying to adjust to be back in Texas without them again. It is such a bittersweet thing to come back after a trip to see family. I really like Texas, but I realized this trip how much I miss Idaho! The weather was perfect fall weather (unlike the humid, 90 degree weather we're dealing with here in Texas) and I never really noticed how charming and even beautiful my little hometown is, in its own rustic way. I have never been a "home body" and don't really get homesick very often, but now that I have kiddos, I really feel the distance and hate that my little boys don't get to see their Cici and Poppy and Aunts, Uncles, and cousins as much as we'd all like. I'm trying to persuade Daniel to move us up there in a few years. But of course I know deep down that it all depends on work and kids and such and that "home" is where you make it.
Anyway, the boys and I flew up a week before Daniel to have more time and then Daniel met us up there and we all stayed for 2 more weeks. It was SO nice! It was the first time anyone but my mom had met Sawyer and of course they all just fell in love with him and his happy disposition. Peyton had a blast riding around on all of my dad's toys (the motorcycle, the riding lawnmower, bikes, etc.) and became best buds with his cousin Carter who is 18 months old and one of the cutest, happiest, little kids on the planet. Daniel and I just enjoyed not having much extra responsibility and spent a lot of time out on the porch reading books, talking, or watching Peyton play. Daniel got to go on a ride-along with my brother-in-law Matt who is a cop and he had a blast with him busting all the drunks and pot-heads in the county for a night. We also took advantage of my parent's awesome "park" they just put in which is basically a large landscaped grass area where the horse arena used to be with a fire pit and a big wall at one end that we projected movies on to when it got dark. It was FABULOUS! Like camping, which we love, but much less hassle and you get to sleep in a comfy bed. I felt so spoiled there with all the help with the boys and with my moms AMAZING cooking and fresh-from-the-garden produce. Daniel and I got to sleep in almost every morning while Peyton got up and made breakfast with Cici (my mom). I can tell Peyton feels stiffled here back home because he got used to being able to go in and out of the house and play all around the land, chasing cats and exploring, like he was a "big boy". I decided I HATE neighborhoods and the HOA and have been spoiled by my country upbringing that now that is all I want! :) Peyton too. Honestly, Daniel loves Idaho too and I think would be much more inclined to live there if job opportunities were better for him.

We also went with my sis to an awesome pumpkin patch where the kids had a blast and I had fun taking about a billion pics of them having a blast! This place was so great with a corn maze, a hay maze, a REAL pumpkin patch, pig races, pony rides, a corn box... I wished I was a kid again so I could legitimately show my true excitement about it. ;)

Anyway, we're back now of course and life is moving on. I sincerely hope that it won't be a full year again until I can go back. We're excited to be going to San Antonio this weekend to trick-or-treat with our Rawson cousins and spend time with Courtney and Jared. Since returning from Idaho I've realized that the only way to counter home-sickness is to constantly be planning new fun things to look forward to. So thats what I'm trying to do! :) Now for some pics!
Poppy and Peyton on the riding mower.
Peyton and Carter at the pumpkin patch.

Well I'll have to post more pics later, I got hungry babies to feed and they're not going to let me finish this right now!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Welcome Sawyer!!!

Okay. So I have a perfectly good explanation for being absent from the blog-o-sphere for so long. I was pregnant with baby boy #2. I have just gone through a very LONG, STRESSFUL, and somewhat PAINFUL high-risk pregnancy. We got preggo in November and I was immediately put on all kinds of meds and was closely monitored. I had a miscarriage scare around 9 weeks, went to the ER twice for possible pre-term labor at 21 weeks and 27 weeks, had a cerclage put in for my “incompetent cervix”, had 20 weeks of progesterone injections, and had numerous tests run and ultrasounds done, and was put on bed-rest. I had my cerclage removed early because I was having consistent contractions that weren't slowing down and my doc and I were worried that if my body was trying to dilate the sutures could tear my cervix (bad news ouch ouch ouch). So at 35 weeks I had the cerclage removed and instantly dilated to nearly 2 centimeters. My doc was certain I'd go into labor within the next 48 hours. 48 hours later I was still preggo and was showing no signs of going into labor (besides the constant contractions but those I'd been having since 27 weeks so it was no bigee). A week later I went in for a check up and was found to be dilated to 3 centimeters, 90% effaced, with the baby at a station 1 (which is super low and very uncomfortable). Once again the doc was certain I'd go into labor within those next couple of days especially since I was having bouts of regular contractions that were 3 minutes apart. Well, needless to say to everyones surprise I did NOT go into labor for 4 MORE EXCRUCIATING WEEKS and finally ended up having to be induced when I went in after a month of virtually no sleep due to constant contractions and a fear that the baby wasbeginning to have decreased movement. At about 39 weeks I went in and they hooked me up to the fetal monitor (again) and were a little concerned about how the baby was handling my contractions. Then the doc checked me and told me I was dilated to 5 centimeters, fully effaced, and the baby was "about 3 inches from making his debut", yet I was NOT in real labor. The doc was very surprised by all this and decided that it be best to go ahead and get induced and get this little guy here so I could relax and get some sleep! Apparently, the scar tissue left behind from the cerclage was making it very difficult for me to fully dilate and go into real labor. Go figure. Anyway, Daniel and I went over to the hospital and the doc came over about a half an hour later, hooked me up to the I.V. (it of course took 2 tries to get the vein, that ALWAYS happens to me!), gave me a "spit" of pitocin, and put me on the fetal monitor and broke my water. I was surprised by how little fluid was released but the doc said that it was because the baby's head was so low for so long that it was like a little cork (or very BIG cork). About 30 seconds later I was in real labor and they were coming fast and hard. My mom and mother-in-law got there about a half an hour after the doc had left and I was already dilated to a 7. The contractions were coming on top of each other and the nurse was concerned I was going too fast so she shut off the pitocin to slow things didn't really work. At about 8 and a half centimeters I got stuck (right in the middle of transition YIPEE) and that dang scar tissue was not wanting to give in. Also the baby was turned and so I was having to do some mild acrobatics to get him to turn the right way before I could push. I was getting really nervous because I was starting to feel like my body wanted to push but I couldn't until that scar tissue let up because it would be VERY BAD to tear my cervix. I REALLY didn't want to have to have another c-section, especially since I'd been working so hard to avoid one. After a couple of hours of that I finally got the okay to push from the nurse. I don't think she realized how much I wanted to be done though because she left the room for a minute leaving Daniel, my mom, and Daniel's mom there with me alone. I didn't have any meds (no epidural, not even an asprin!) so I was definitely using my whole body to get this baby out! I was pushing vertically up on my knees on the bed with one arm around my mom and the other around Daniel. In between contractions I'd drop down to all fours to rest. Well you better believe I pushed that baby halfway out before the nurse could get back in the room! Nearly scared Daniel half to death! Nena (Daniel's mom) had to run out into the hall and get a nurse and they barely made it in in time to catch little Sawyer before he hit the bed! Of course no one had time to wash their hands and so the first thing the doc said when he ran into the room (about 30 seconds too late) was "Did anyone wash!?"! My mom was actually the first one to touch him and she just kind of held up her hands with this shocked look on her face like "Are you KIDDING?". It was pretty crazy and totally AMAZING although I do bet that many of those nurses who ran in to help were shocked to see a lady giving birth like that up on the bed on all fours! It was a VERY intense labor and delivery but actually pretty fast (if you don't count the entire month before that I was technically "in labor") only about 4 and a half hours after the doc broke my water. Sawyer Christian Rawson was born on Thursday July 22nd at 4:58 p.m. He weighed 7 and a half pounds and was 19 and a half inches long. He looks NOTHING like Peyton and Daniel is glad to see some of himself in this one! We are completely relieved and thrilled that he is here and healthy and I am COMPLETELY relieved and thrilled that I am no longer pregnant!! How ironic that I'd go from having an emergency c-section to having to be induced at 39 weeks and having a V.B.A.C. at that! We are so blessed and grateful for such great doctors and nurses and for so many good friends and family who have been praying for our success! Thanks to everyone!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Besides the fact that today is Mother's Day, there are several reasons why I celebrate my mother today. (No, I haven't forgotten about celebrating the mother of my children - my wife-but I thought I could dedicate this one for my mom... )

-Dedication - It takes a committed woman to raise 4 boys....especially us "rowdy Rawson" kids. Why she just didn't lock us all up in a room everyday and shove crackers under the door for food I'll never know! How cool it was to always know that when I came home from school, she would be there. Just about every t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling match - she was there...and she wasn't embarrassed to claim me even when I was the kid way out in left field with his glove on his head... with both hands in his shirt...singing... in the middle of a game. Mom, it must have been real boring at times, but I am glad you were there, especially for the exciting times.
- Caring - Anyone who knows my mother well knows that she loves to talk on the phone--not to just be able to talk but to genuinely know how someone is doing. This trait is one that I hope to emulate in my life. Mom, I know I make fun about how often you call, and even when you ask me how my day was and I reply "Same as yesterday when you called...", I really do appreciate it and am very glad you care.
- Happy - the memories of my mom from my childhood portray a happy woman. One time, when I was about 4, I decided to back the van out the driveway with my 2 yr old brother in the back seat (good times!). I think it would be hard to raise a child like that and not constantly be a nervous wreck! I think most would consider it quite the accomplishment that the struggles and stresses of raising 4 boys were not noticed by or passed down to us. Thank you for not putting me up for adoption. It is comforting to know that even though you put off work, education, and hobbies, you found pride and happiness in caring and raising your kids. I will always be grateful.
-A great friend - True story- in middle school - I was bullied a few times (I know, hard to believe that as likable, popular, yet intimidating as I was that I would be bullied). I kid you not-- My mom once substituted my 6th grade class, came up to one of my bullies, and said (QUOTE) "You mess with my son, you mess with me!" HAHA! Yeah, I was embarrassed, and maybe even more scared of that bully after that, but it's great to have a mom that sticks up for you and is always on your side. Just for the record, my mom was the "cool substitute teacher " whose son was the not-s0-cool kid.

Today, I am proud to celebrate my amazing mother. Thank you for all your love, dedication, friendship, and care. Happy Mother's Day!

Love Always,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peyton, our new home....and such

Just thought I would update on the house we are building and some pictures of Petyon.

This picture was taken about 3 weeks ago.
Note the golfcourse across the street....not that I am a big golfer or anything.
And here's what it looked like last week....

This is the front entrance. There will be 3 bedrooms directly to the right...

Here's a view of the family room from the back of the house. Peyton and I are walking into the formal dining.

Here are some pics of Peyton. He loves to sing into things that look like a microphone when I play guitar. We think it all started from when we were watching American Idol. Here's a pic of him singing into my guitar stand.

Jammin together.
More singing into his "microphone".

Craigslist Addiction...

My wife is addicted to Craigslist.

Right now our house has 3 extra chairs, one giant lamp, and a whole stack of accessory items like pillows, curtain rods, etc. Most of it was bought from the largest cyber-garadge sale on the planet, www.Craigslist. com. For now, there is a good explanation for it all. She has been hired to decorate someone's house in downtown Houston, which Catherine got by posted an ad on ....what? You guessed it......Craigslist. Then yesterday she met a wealthy lady who may want her to decorate her home also. How did she meet this lady you ask? She met her by going to her home to pick up some furniture that had been posted on.......what? CRAIGSLIST! Dont't get me wrong, I am very proud of her ability to save her clients lots of money by finding great deals on Craigslist, but I am growing concern for both her mental and physical health. Sometimes while on her way to pick up these Craislist items from strangers' houses, she calls me at work to tell me the exact address of where she is going "just in case you don't hear back from me in awhile." And if more than two hours pass without getting on Craiglist to check all the posts she becomes very anxious, since with every hour that passes 10 or so new "steal deals" could have been posted! Is there a cure??

Craigslist Addiction...