Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blow out the candles!

Hello everyone! We hope all is well with you! Its been a while since the last post but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything. Actually we have been very busy! Here is the summary of the last month or so:
-We were interviewed by 2 news stations and 2 newspapers for the March of Dimes and Peyton's preemie story.
-Daniel started his taco stand with his class group and has been running around campus promoting it because he is in charge of marketing for the business.
-The turnout for the NICU parent support group has been rapidly increasing and we have been having fun running that.
-I am still decorating a house in Idaho Falls and it is coming together beautifully (if I do say so myself).
-We have only lost one grass volleyball game even with the constant wind, hail, and rain that we've had nearly every game.
-Last weekend we had the March for Babies in Idaho Fall.
-Daniel's birthday was on Sunday the 8th and so we had a combined birthday party for him and Peyton (Peyton's b'day is this Saturday).
So thats pretty much it. Despite the 45 degree weather and 30 mile an hour winds we had a pretty good turnout for the March for Babies and walked the 6 miles around the river. About a quarter of the people there were our family and friends: Tim, Cindy, Jenna, and Andrew Carter, Great Granny Rawson and Great Grandpa Rawson, Aunt Deanne and Cousin Devry and Paxton and Cooper, Christen and Matt Schneider with their 2 doggies Charlie and Trooper, and Daniel, Tiffany, Wesley, and Kate Dunn. There were also a few people that Daniel invited from class that braved the weather and showed up. We actually had a lot of fun even though it was cold. EIRMC provided a breakfast before hand and a barbeque afterwards. I spoke a few minutes before the walk and Daniel was interviewed again by Channel 3 news. All in all a really good event, though I'm glad it is over and am relieved to have one less thing on my plate for a little while. We did manage to reach our goal which was $1000 thanks to all of you and your wonderful donations. Thanks so much for your help!
That same night we had a big party for Daniel and Peyton's birthdays. We had about 20 people come and had quite the full house! Peyton was showered with toys and had more fun playing with the wrapping paper than his presents. Daniel got a few dvds, a game, and a really nice bike that Daniel Dunn helped me pick out for him. He has already ridden it to school twice now and says that he loves it although the uphill route is giving him a pretty severe workout. We had pizza and ice cream cake for Daniel, chocolate cake for Peyton. Peyton also got a high chair from Cici and Poppy which he got to try out while eating his b'day cake. I couldn't believe how much he LOVED his cake! I didn't think he would eat it because he is pretty picky about textures but I turned around and he was shoving it into his mouth by the fist fulls! It was pretty funny. He got all hopped up on sugar and was acting crazy. Cici very thoughtfully gave him a bath afterward and cleaned of the chocolate that he had caked himself in. It was a really fantastic day!