Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm so homesick right now! We just spent nearly the entire month of September in Idaho visiting my family and I'm still trying to adjust to be back in Texas without them again. It is such a bittersweet thing to come back after a trip to see family. I really like Texas, but I realized this trip how much I miss Idaho! The weather was perfect fall weather (unlike the humid, 90 degree weather we're dealing with here in Texas) and I never really noticed how charming and even beautiful my little hometown is, in its own rustic way. I have never been a "home body" and don't really get homesick very often, but now that I have kiddos, I really feel the distance and hate that my little boys don't get to see their Cici and Poppy and Aunts, Uncles, and cousins as much as we'd all like. I'm trying to persuade Daniel to move us up there in a few years. But of course I know deep down that it all depends on work and kids and such and that "home" is where you make it.
Anyway, the boys and I flew up a week before Daniel to have more time and then Daniel met us up there and we all stayed for 2 more weeks. It was SO nice! It was the first time anyone but my mom had met Sawyer and of course they all just fell in love with him and his happy disposition. Peyton had a blast riding around on all of my dad's toys (the motorcycle, the riding lawnmower, bikes, etc.) and became best buds with his cousin Carter who is 18 months old and one of the cutest, happiest, little kids on the planet. Daniel and I just enjoyed not having much extra responsibility and spent a lot of time out on the porch reading books, talking, or watching Peyton play. Daniel got to go on a ride-along with my brother-in-law Matt who is a cop and he had a blast with him busting all the drunks and pot-heads in the county for a night. We also took advantage of my parent's awesome "park" they just put in which is basically a large landscaped grass area where the horse arena used to be with a fire pit and a big wall at one end that we projected movies on to when it got dark. It was FABULOUS! Like camping, which we love, but much less hassle and you get to sleep in a comfy bed. I felt so spoiled there with all the help with the boys and with my moms AMAZING cooking and fresh-from-the-garden produce. Daniel and I got to sleep in almost every morning while Peyton got up and made breakfast with Cici (my mom). I can tell Peyton feels stiffled here back home because he got used to being able to go in and out of the house and play all around the land, chasing cats and exploring, like he was a "big boy". I decided I HATE neighborhoods and the HOA and have been spoiled by my country upbringing that now that is all I want! :) Peyton too. Honestly, Daniel loves Idaho too and I think would be much more inclined to live there if job opportunities were better for him.

We also went with my sis to an awesome pumpkin patch where the kids had a blast and I had fun taking about a billion pics of them having a blast! This place was so great with a corn maze, a hay maze, a REAL pumpkin patch, pig races, pony rides, a corn box... I wished I was a kid again so I could legitimately show my true excitement about it. ;)

Anyway, we're back now of course and life is moving on. I sincerely hope that it won't be a full year again until I can go back. We're excited to be going to San Antonio this weekend to trick-or-treat with our Rawson cousins and spend time with Courtney and Jared. Since returning from Idaho I've realized that the only way to counter home-sickness is to constantly be planning new fun things to look forward to. So thats what I'm trying to do! :) Now for some pics!
Poppy and Peyton on the riding mower.
Peyton and Carter at the pumpkin patch.

Well I'll have to post more pics later, I got hungry babies to feed and they're not going to let me finish this right now!