Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer? Is that you?

Its been kind of a crazy month so we haven't had time to sit down and post anything. So let me fill you in...
Daniel's little brother Travis lived with us for a while before he was able to move into his apartment up here at BYU-ID. It was fun to have him, although I'm not sure if he'd say the same thing if you asked him. Our apartment isn't exactly DisneyWorld and I think he was more than ready to start school and get into his own place by the time he was able to. Daniel's mom Nena (Nona---her granma name) was here for a bit too when she dropped Travis off. It is always SO fun to see her! She is such a firecracker!
Daniel was lucky enough to be able to get everything arranged the way he needed it to so that he could go to school and take the classes that he needs this summer. His schedule is the most demanding that he has had so far and we already can NOT wait until this semester is over. He leaves the house around 7:15 am and usually doesn't get home until 7:30 pm and then sometimes has to go back for group meetings later than that even. The good news is that BYU-ID has short summers only going through until mid July. Then he will have a nice long break until September. Its pretty crazy and I'm trying to cut him as much slack as possible.
Since Daniel is going to school this summer, I have to wait to go back myself since we can't afford for both of us to go right now. That kinda bummed me out since I was anxious to finish up, but it really would be impossible for us both to go, especially since he would never be home to watch Peyton for me to go to class. I think during the 2nd block I will try to see if we can afford for me to take an online class or two. I'd have to do something this summer in order to finish at the same time as Daniel. We'll see.
I'm still decorating houses and trying to get the NICU group up and running at the hospital. The turnout is getting better which is encouraging and I am finally cleared to go into the NICU unsupervised so I know that will help the program take off. I need to get this March for Babies thing on track. I have been busy with the NICU things and have sort of put that aside but the march is only a month away so its time to get crackin! Please help us! This is a fantastic cause! Please donate at our website or if you can't donate then at least get the word out for us about the event! Thank you thank you! I really am going to get my inventory together this week and post some items on my website CatsCranny. Sorry if you've looked at it and nothing was there for you to see! :) Check again in a few days and there will be a few things!
Oh my gosh!! I haven't told you the best news! RSV season is OVER!!!!! You have no idea what that means to us (especially me)! We are no longer quarantined in our tiny apartment! We are now officially "allowed" to take Peyton out and about. It is SOOOO nice! It has been the longest winter of my life, literally and figuratively. Now if we can just get the weather here to cooperate. This weather is so schizophrenic. One minute it is really nice and warm and the next its haling. This week it is so nice, around 70 degrees, and a week ago there was a blizzard. I'm sick of it! Just leave winter! You are no longer wanted! (Actually, you weren't wanted in the first place).
Well thats us in a nutshell! I have pics of Peyton with his glasses I need to post so those will be up here soon!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Change of plans...

So...Daniel didn't get the Target internship after all. Big bummer. It was actually pretty ridiculous the way they went about his interviews and such. He first interviewed with them in February, then had several other interviews with various Target people over an entire month, all of whom acted like Daniel was "just what they were looking for", and then just before the begining of the summer semester they finally told him via e-mail that they had given the job to someone else. Yeah...we were pretty suprised and annoyed that they would lead him on like that. Especially since he turned down other internships and opportunities that wanted an answer back at the end of February. So Daniel has had to go back to the dean of the business program and beg to get into IBC this summer since it was full when he found out about the Target internship. He was let in eventually to IBC and now he feels like things have probably worked out for the best. I'm glad he can be positive about the whole thing. Its been a real pain in the rear. So now the plan is that he will continue working on campus through the summer and do his IBC (a class that requires you to run a business from start to finish throughout the semester) and then apply for fall internships. It'll workout I'm sure and he will still be able to graduate next April.
Well thats the latest on that! Write more later!