Monday, December 17, 2007

One more thing...

As some of you know, we will be moving back to Rexburg so I can finish up at BYU-Idaho. We really dont want to since we both love our set up here at BYU in Provo, UT. I have a great job at the MTC and we've met some great people, not to mention the excellent health care Peyton receives here. I came to Utah to attend BYU to avoid the wierd and difficult year-round track system at BYU-Idaho, and to take advantage of the Marriot School of Bussiness at BYU. Well, I've come to the decision that I want to do law school, something I've always had in the back of my mind but usually ignored it due to fear of not being able to cut it, and also being a slave to text books for another 3 years doesn't sound appealing. Anyway, so my goal is to (1) get the highest grades possible, and (2) graduate as soon as possible. I still want a bachelors in business since it interests me and also would protect me if I were to crash and burn in law school (not that I'm anticipating it or anything). So in my pursuit of graduating quicker, I spoke to a counselor here at BYU, who broke the news that graduation was farther away that I realized, so just out of curiosity, I also spoke to a counselor at BYU-Idaho to see how it compares in terms of gradution, and suprisingly I can graduate 2 semesters quicker if I go back. That also includes a 4 month internship in between. Classes will be easier, I would graduate quicker, and Cath and I would be close to great friends and family. So needless to say, we're moving at the end of this month. I got a job on-campus working as a peer advisor in the career and advisement department--taking a major paycut, but I guess that's the price you pay. We're excited for new scenery, or seeing old scenery again I guess, but sad to leave Provo who has been great to us. It is clear that the Lord wanted us here (Idaho Falls would not have been able to care for Peyton had he'd been born there). Wish me luck! Besides, Cath and I are returning to the city were all the love started! The difference now is, no curfew to maybe we'll go back up to the ol make-out hill and spend a few hours past midnight just for the heck of it! :)


Hello, its Daniel. Just thought I would take the opportunity to update the blog and post pictures so I can show off my lil champ. Peyton is officialy 11lbs now. It's wierd to think that he is now 11 times the size he was 6 months ago. He's handsome like his Dad, although, when I was a baby, my head was 11 pounds alone, so may I shouldn't compare him to me. As you can see, he has all of Catherine's features....except for the red hair...which ....neither of us has.......hmmmmm..... Anyway, here's a lil fighting Irish champ ( I hate noterdame, but hey I thought it was a good description).

Peyton usually hates being on his stomach. He was a better mood this day so I thought I'd take a couple of snapshots.

Speaking of being a good mood, Peyton was very happy when we took this picture. It funny to watch him focus in on objects now. He's gettin to be dang big and dang cute.

And here a quick video clip starting from Halloween. We'll post more recent ones here soon.

As you can see, he's doing great and love him tons. He's now on the lowest setting of oxygen but it hardly needs it. Hopefully he'll be off it soon. He's sleeping more, which means more sleep and sanity for us.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Holiday Chaos

Its been a crazy couple of weeks! Our apartment flooded when a tree root grew into the sewage pipe and backed it up. We couldn't let Peyton be around that kind of filthy atmosphere so Peyton and I headed on home to Idaho to stay with my parents until the owner got it taken care of and all cleaned up. Daniel stayed in the nasty apartment so that he could continue to go to work and school and we missed him so much! HE came up for Thanksgiving though so that was nice. While at my parents house my little brother got sick with pneumonia and had to stay out in the camper while Peyton and I were there. One night while just Peyton, my little sister, and I were home Adam (my little brother) came inside looking really pale and panting heavily. He nearly passed out before I could get him to the chair to sit down. I tried to get him to drink some water while my little sister took Peyton to the other end of the house. His body temperature was low and he was shivering and complaining that he was cold. His heart rate was 130 bpms and I was very worried that he was extremely dehydrated. He needed to go to the hospital but I couldn't leave Peyton to take him and I couldn't get a hold of anyone so I had to call 911 and have the ambulance come get him. Eventually I got a hold of my mom and she went and met him at the hospital. Apparently my suspicions were correct and he was very dehydrated. They kept him at the hospital for half the night and gave him 3 liters of IV fluid and put him on an antibiotic. It was pretty crazy but I'm glad he was alright. In the past month Peyton has had surgery, my apartment has flooded twice, I moved in with my parents for two weeks, my cousin committed suicide, and I called 911 for my brother. Why is it that when crazy things happen they happen all at once? Needless to say, we'll be just fine if December brings no adventure whatsoever. Peyton and I are loving being home again with Daniel even though Daniel has been consumed with work and school lately trying to wrap up with good grades and some extra cash before we move at the end of the month to Rexburg. I will be happy when we are all settled again in a new place closer to friends and family. I think we'll like our new apartment better too. It is a new place so hopefully that means we won't have problems with it like we have here. We hope alls well with all of you and like always, we'll keep you posted.