Thursday, February 28, 2008

Giggly Peyton

Yesterday I had Peyton lying on the floor and I just walked up to him and he started laughing hysterically! I didn't even do anything, he just thought I was so funny. It was the hardest and longest I have ever seen him laugh so about five minutes into it I finally grabbed the video camera! It is so cute! Hope you all get a kick out of it like we did!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Internship Search

Hey ya'll. We're doing just dandy here at the Rawson residence. Peyton continues to grow and get cuter and cuter. He is now "officially" been discharged from his O2 by the doctor and we're glad to finally get rid of the piles of O2 tanks and tubes. He has a follow up clinic on March 7th in Provo and we're excited to have an excuse to go back and see his old doctors and nurses form the NICU. Its funny how you hate the hospital so much while you're in it but miss it when you are kicked out! :) He will have all the normal checkups and such and also be seen by his NICU occupational therapist and the ROP specialist will examine his eyes (which is horrible to watch...poor Peyton). It will be nice to get the rundown from all his original doctors, the doctors here are not as educated on preemies. Also it will be very good to see some friends from Provo again! We miss them so much!
We got to go to my parents last weekend and we had a great time hanging out with the family and getting away from the Rexburg snow. Unfortunately Poppy had to go away on a business trip so we didn't get to see him much but it was still really nice to see the rest of my family. Daniel and I got to leave Peyton at home with Cici and Aunty JenJen while we went on a REAL date with Christen and Matt. It was so much fun and so nice to be a couple again! We saw "I Am Legend". We loved it and it was very intense, Matt almost pee'd his pants which is funny because hes a big tough cop.
Daniel went to the Career Fair on campus the other day and had some great interviews with various companies for internships. He has a couple more tomorrow and Tuesday which he is looking forward to. I'm sure he will get some great offers. The only problem is that all the internships he is applying for are for the summer, which kind of screws up his school schedule since he is on the Winter/Summer track here at BYU-I. I'm sure it will work out somehow though. Keep you posted on what happens there.
March 6th Peyton and I are going to EIRMC for the March of Dimes Kickoff and Open House. Since we are the Ambassador family for the area I will be there to tell our story and answer questions for the people who attend. I'm a little nervous but excited to get started. Have you got your team signed up for the March for Babies in your area? If not got to the website and make a team and follow the directions for sponsorship. If you happen to be in the Idaho Falls area on March 6th, come by EIRMC between 11:00 and 1:00 pm and I'll be there with the March of Dimes people to get you started.
Speaking of being nervous, they asked me to play the piano in Sacrament meeting today. I played the only church song I've written, a rendition of "Nearer my God to Thee" that I wrote a couple of years ago for my Granpa's funeral. I was sooooo nervous! It is irritating! I could literally play that song with my eyes closed but for some reason when I have to play in front of people I ge panicky and I feel like I'm going to either pass out or throw up! Then when i finally make my way to the piano I look at the keyboard and it seems completely like a foreign object to me and I can't even remember where middle C is! I've been playing the piano in front of people since I was 6! You'd think I'd be over this by now. really bugs me how much stage fright I have. I tell myself that no one cares and try to pretend I'm alone but I still freak out. Whatever, Tiff came and said I did good. I guess the good thing is that since I wrote the song myself no one could really tell how bad I screwed up since they'd never heard it before. The bad thing about performing my own songs though is that I don't actually physically write them down so when I'm nervous up there I have nothing to look at and if I forget the song (like I ALWAYS do) theres nothing there to save me. HHHuummmph. I still am shaking and its been two hours since I played. Honestly it feels like I just ran a marathon. Thats how bad it is. I know...I'm pathetic. Well, if you would like to ever hear my music Daniel is helping me record it, alone, in the comfort of my own home, where no one can hear me, and we can get you a CD or something. Just don't expect me to play it for you live and we will all be able to enjoy ourselves. :)
Hope all is well with everyone and like always we love you tons and tons!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy love day!

Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Valentine's day and that we love you all soooo much!
Peyton and I are spending most of the day with Tiffany Dunn and her kids becasue her hubby is out of toen and mine is taking tests until 8:00 pm. It'll be fun though! We love Tiff! Her son Wesley loves Peyton and has been asking Tiff after we leave, "Meynon's house?" (he says Meynon instead of Peyton...hes only 19 months). Its really cute.
Last night Daniel and I left Peyton with Tiff and went to see the Vienna Boys Chior on campus. It was really amazing! Those boys got pipes! It was so nice to get out, just the two of us, since we NEVER go anywhere becasue Peyton can't go in public yet. The only downside was that when Daniel was backing out of our parking lot there was a dark car parked illegally behind him that he didn't see and he bumped into it. We left a note even though we couldn't see any damage for ourselves and so far they haven't called. OOooops. :(
Daniel had another "oops" this morning when he was trying to leave to go to class. His truck is not made for snow and ice and hes been getting stuck in the parking lot a lot lately. Well this morning I guess he couldn't push it out when it was in neutral and so he decided to put the truck in reverse thinking that he could give it a push and then run around and hop in. didn't really happen that way. He barely pushed and the truck rolled back faster than he thought it would so he ran around, grabbed the door, slipped and fell, almost got his head run over, and the truck burried its back end in the 4 foot snow bank on the side of the lot. He felt really dumb and probably won't appreciate me posting it on here but it was really funny to me. He has just had really bad luck with cars the past few days. Anyway, he came in and woke me up and we spent and hour and a half digging his truck out and pushing it back onto the parking lot. Happy Valentine's morning to us. WE HATE THE SNOW.
Tomorrow we will be going to Middleton to see my family and we're excited to get out of here for a few days. Hopefully the weather will be good and we won't have any more "oopses" to report when we get back!
Love you Love you! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

March of Dimes donations

Oh...also if you would like to make a donation in honor of Peyton to the March of Dimes you can click on our link and then on "How You Can Help" and then there is a box that says "Banding Together". Click there and then do search for a band and type in Peyton Rawson. It should take you to his band and let you make a donation in honor of him! Fun fun!

snowed in!

OH MY GOSH!!!! It won't stop snowing! There is literally like 4 feet of snow right outside our apartment. This morning Daniel had to take the car to class because his truck was snowed in. It is begining to get a little ridiculous. We were planning on going tubing with the Dunns this weekend but I think there is actually TOO much snow to go! Oh well...I guess its good for springtime moisture.
Not much has happened since I last blogged. My friend Tiffany and I are doing girls nights every Wednesday night now. We have way too much fun together, its a much needed break for both of us and our hubbys don't mind too much becaust they're best friends too and they just watch the kids and hang out while we're gone. Last night we saw the movie "Enchanted". It was soooo cute! Go see it if you haven't already.
Our family was chosen as the March of Dimes Ambassador Family for the Idaho Falls/Eastern Idaho region. Basically we will just help get together sponsors and teams for the Walk for Babies by visiting companies and sponsors and telling our story about Peyton and answering questions about the March of Dimes. We are really excited and can't wait to start helping out. If any of you would like to get a team together for the Walk for Babies or if you own a company and would like to sponsor a team just log on to and you'll find the info there. If you happen to be in the Idaho Falls area and would like to participate we are trying to get our team together so let us know! Together we can help these babies and solve the mystery of preterm labor! We love you all!