Monday, October 13, 2008

PuMpKiN PaTcH fUn

Hey everyone! So Jared and Courtney and there kids were here this weekend and I really wanted to take them all to a pumpkin patch. So Courtney found a few and we picked one out and went. It was so much fun! I think I probably had more fun than anyone though because I loved taking pics of the kiddos with the pumpkins. I am getting addicted to photography lately and I love getting good pics and editing them in cute ways. It started with scrapbooking which I got into when Peyton was in the NICU. Now its progressed. I love it and I really wish I could get a nice camera and take some classes. Anyway, I did my best. It was a really cute family run place out in the country part of Houston. Normally the place is an exotic pet farm but during the holidays they add on the pumpkin patch and stuff. It was adorable! They had normal farm animals, goats, horses, etc. and then some not so normal animals like llamas, a pot belly pig, a little tiny deer (i'm not kidding it was tiny like 10 inches and SO CUTE), and some lemur type thing, and (my favorite) a little JOEY (thats a baby kangaroo). The joey just hopped around the patch and would come right up to you and let you feed it and pet it. The kids LOVED it! So did I! I REALLY want one for myself (too bad they grow up...too bad anything grows up!). They also had face painting and pumpkin decorating as well as a scarecrow dress up area. It was really fun. I told Daniel that when we have our little house in the country out there someday I'm definately going to do a pumpkin patch. I got a million pics so I picked a few of my favorites to post on here! Hope you like them!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Park Play

Hey everyone! I know its been a while but what can I say...not much has happened. Daniel continues to enjoy his job (somewhat) and I am just hanging out enjoying the spring-ish weather here in Houston.
Daniel and I have recently taken up tennis which we are both decidedly terrible at. But its fun and we go after Peyton's in bed so its nice to get out.
We also finally took Peyton to the park to "play" for the first time ever! He really didn't know what to do on the equipment but he loved the swing and had a great time playing in the rocks. Anyway, it was probably most fun for me. I took a bunch of cute pictures!
Thats really all for now. I know. Pretty boring. I will try to do something exciting this week to tell y'all about.