Friday, August 15, 2008

Ready to Work

Hello everyone! Thought I'd post real quick about Daniel's internship stuff. So Daniel DID fet hired on with a great company (phew) here in Houston. Their called Goodman something or other (Daniel will not be happy that I can't remember the name) and they are the 2nd largest manufacturer and distributor of heating and air conditioning systems. Daniel will be working on a pretty big project that has to do with international sales which he is pretty excited about and will look great on a resume. He will most likely start next week although we're waiting to find out when exactly and they have offered to start him at $15 an hour which is more than what we were expecting (always nice). Daniel has had a long month off to sleep in and "do nothing" so he is well rested and ready to work. Along with his internship, it looks like I might be taking over Travis's job (Daniel's little brother) when he goes back up to school in a couple weeks. It will be a very laid back job with decent pay working in the laundry facilities at the LDS temple which happens to be just around the corner from here. If they decide they need me, I will be getting $9 an hour and will be working no more than 20 hours a week. Nona has offered to watch Peyton so it will work out great if I get it. A little extra money would be nice plus it would get me out of the house. We will see!
For family news we are pleased to announce that we have a new nephew! Daniel's older brother's wife Courtney had their second baby a few days ago, a very cute 9 lb baby boy they named Jack. I can't believe how big he is! Courtney is so tiny you would never think a 9 lb baby would be possible for her! Jack is literally more than 8 times the size of Peyton when he was born! Of course that isn't that unusual considering Peyton was a 1 lb baby! :) Anyway, we are all headed to San Antonio tomorrow to meet Jack and see his mommy and daddy and I can't wait! I know its going to make me very baby hungry! I already am! It is funny that I spent so much energy wishing for Peyton to grow and now that he has gotten so big I wish he would stop and just stay my little cute baby! Its crazy what a baby will do to a girl. It makes us all googley eyed and loopy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

On the road again...

Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long since we've blogged! We've had a super busy month an d a half. Heres a little list of what we've been up to:
-I worked my tail off all through July to finish decorating a 6 bedroom 4 bath home in Idaho Falls which looks great (if I do say so myself)...I'll post pics when the finishing touches are done.
-Peyton began army crawling finally and is now a little soldier army crawling at amazing speeds and getting into everything he can. He also recently learned to pull himself up stairs and onto his feet with some support.
-Daniel was very relieved to finally finish his summer semester at BYU-ID and was very proud to say that his Taco Rapido IBC company came in 2nd place for revenue by a hair. He also was able to maintain excellent grades and is now looking toward graduation in the spring.
-We all flew to Houston at the end of June for Daniel's grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Peyton and I went a little early to spend time with everyone and let me tell ya, that boy got so spoiled! The anniversary celebration was great and it was so good to show Peyton off to those family members who hadn't met him yet.
-After Houston, Peyton and I drove down to Middleton to see my family and extended family on my mom's side and to decorate Jenna's (my little sis) room for her 13th birthday. It was so much fun and it was somewhat bittersweet because my grandpa (who everyone had come to see) was just diagnosed with pretty advanced cancer along with a serious heart condition. That could be the last time we see him so it was very good that we were able to go. We worked hard on Jenna's room and it turned out so cute, I'll post pics of that later too.
-After the traveling we got busy packing and cleaning the apartment and moving our stuff into Daniel's grandparent's empty grain siloh for storage in Shelley. It was SOOOO exhausting but we finally got it done and somehow managed to leave by the 27th of July to make our way south for the summer/fall.
-The day before we left for Houston I did pictures with a great photographer in the NICU for one last time. She did a great job and promised to volunteer her time and her talent once a month to go in and take beautiful professional pics of the NICU babies and their parents. I was so glad to have found her and so touched by her willingness to help and I am glad to have left that volunteer experience on such a good note. After she did the NICU pics we went and did some Peyton pics in downtown IF. I'll post some of them because they are ADORABLE!
-I can't believe how we fit all our stuff into our ford taurus to move down to Houston. I kept looking at the pile and telling Daniel that there was no way it would fit. Miraculously and with a lot of careful puzzelwork we fit it all in the car with the help of a bungee cord to strap the over-flowing trunk shut. Peyton was in a cave in the backseat which actually worked out well because it shielded him from the sun and tuned out some of the noise. He did really well on the trip and we made it here in three days. The total driving time ended up to about 31 hours but we split it up and it actually wasn't too bad.
And thats where we are now. We are living with Daniel's very generous parents and Daniel is interviewing for a few various internships. We are hoping he will find a good one soon so that he can begin working. He is SO glad to have a break from classes since he has been going to school nonstop for the past two years. Peyton and I are loving the pool that Daniel's parents have in the back yard and I am also doing a little bit of catering with a friends catering business while we're here. It'll be a good change of scenery for a while and we plan to return to finish Daniel's last semester at BYU-ID in January.