Friday, June 26, 2009

Its Been a WHILE

So, if anyone still cares to check this're in for a treat!!! I'm actually blogging!! I boycotted the notion for quite some time just to spite Daniel (who I believe to be the better blogger), but I have finally caved. So, whats new with us you ask? LOTS actually! So here goes:
-Daniel HATED his job at Goodman at first, but now only somewhat hates it after overcoming the shock of what a "financial analyst" actually does. He is starting to get in the groove and is finally feeling like he might not be so expendable...which is good news. He works a ton (but not compared to most of the other "corporate slaves" around him) leaving for work around 7 am and returning home around 6:30 pm. He spends the majority of his work time deciphering confusing and wrongly inputed data and creating reports on such things as warranties and assembly costs. Not really his cup-of-tea but he is grateful to have a good job none the less and hopes to move on to something more suited to his strengths sometime in the "near-ish" future.
-Peyton just turned 2 years old which is so crazy! He got a battery operated 4-wheeler from the gradparents and lots of cars and trucks which are his latest obsession. He is doing FABULOUS, growing stong although he is still a little small for his age (about 18 month clothing size), but he is smart and stable and is picking up on everything! He is talking quite a bit and likes to steal my phone when I'm not looking to leave unintelligable messages on peoples voicemails. His favorite person in the world is DADDA with Bamba (grandpa) coming in at a close 2nd. He loves swimming and riding on the boat with our friends. He is such a miracle and I can't believe that he is already 2 years old! I wish everyday that he'd stop getting older and stay my little munchkin forever.
-The biggest news with us though is that after a couple months of searching for a home, we have decided to actually BUILD a house! I of course am elated beyond belief and can't wait for it to be finished in September. After doing the math and considering all the options, it just made more sense to build instead of buy. The house is DIVINE and is in a beautiful golfcourse neighborhood in Cypress (North West Houston area). It is one story, 2250 sqft, 4 bedroom, formal dining, island kitchen, etc. Undoubtedly the best one story floorplan I've seen. We're so excited and nervous and I can't wait to get in and decorate!
-Nothing else is really new with me. I have a new nephew named Carter that was born yesterday to my sister Christen and her hubby Matt. He came a month early taking everyone by suprise when the doctor felt his little toes down in the birth canal at just a regular check up. She delivered him c-section because he was breech (whats with us Carter girls and our breech babies?) and everything went smooth and dandy. He is a good size for being early, coming in at 6lbs 8oz and 19 inches long. Hes sooooo sweet and makes me baby hungry for another one of our own. Anyway, other than that, I am hard at work trying to get more business to my new etsy site which I'm selling handmade accessories and clothing for women and kiddos. I also am trying to get back into home decorating and possibly some home staging while the housing market is still in need. Other than that, I hang out with Peyton and dream about having my own house soon.
Well, thats about it! Sorry for taking so long to update this thing! Maybe I'll get Daniel to update it next. :)