Thursday, March 12, 2009

What we've been up too lately....

hey there everybody! sorry we haven't posted in a while! there really isn't a whole lot of excitement going on around here lately. Daniel is busy busy with school and work and is typically gone from 7 am to 7 pm on a daily basis.  He is exhausted and frustrated and cannot wait to graduate next month on the 10th of April.  The only problem is he can't seem to get a job secured (like many graduates in this economy).  The top choice job that he thought was a sure thing from his internship just won't return his calls to let him know if its a go.  There was a job fair on campus and all the companies he was interested in told him they had "hiring freezes" going on and weren't looking to hire this time around. Daniel asked them why the heck they were at the job fair then and they all said that they pretty much just want to maintain a good relationship with the college.  So here we are, graduating in less than a month with no job and no plan.  UUUrrrggghhh.  It is definitely frustrating and discouraging.  We're trying to stay positive though and pray that a good opportunity presents itself soon.  If not, I think the plan is to head to Houston anyway and just job hunt when we get there since that seems like the best place to find a job thats near one of our families.  We would be more flexible about living near family if it weren't for the fact that we would like to have more children sometime in the somewhat near future and are going to need a lot of help while I'm inevitably on beadrest for who knows how long. So, that fact limits our location to either Houston area or Boise area.
Other than Daniel's school and work and job hunting and pending graduation, Peyton and I have been keeping busy locked in our tiny apartment while the weather freezes everything outside doing "Baby Phonics" exercises and pulling every dish and utensil out of the cupboards at least three times daily.  While Peyton is sleeping I've been working on stuff for the flea markets I'm doing and for my etsy site.  Daniel comes home to dishes on the floor, feathers on the counter, and little clay roses baking in the oven.  Good thing hes a patient guy.  I will also start finishing up some decorating jobs I started last year in Idaho Falls in exchange for reupholstery lessons and sewing lessons which I'm very excited about.  
If anyone wants to check it out, I have a blog for my WINGS shop:
Thats all for now! We love you all!