Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I've been up to...

So being a stay at home mom can say the least, but it definately has its perks too!  For example, I had no idea that I loved making things out of feathers and fabric so much!  If I was working all the time outside the home I would've never discovered this talent and obsession!  Anyway, so I've been creating feathery "doodads" (as my dad calls them) and cute toddler/baby clothes! So check it out and tell all your friends!  You can go to to see everything and place an order!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Finally....a blog update.

Happy New Years to ALL!

I think we win the 2008 Worst Blog Updaters Award. I say, "Hey Cath, you should update our blog."  She says, "what we have a blog???"  I sadly reply, " I dont even know you anymore!"
I think the real reason was that Catherine was too immersed in chasing Peyton around the house.  During his naps, she was either redecorating my parents house in order to pay for our food and shelter or fully immersed in her crafty projects consisting of feathery hair pins, bracelts, and necklaces that are coming to stores near you.
We'll be sure to put "update blog regularly" on our list of resolutions for this year...

So here's the update.  I finished my internship with Goodman Manufacturing and we're back up to Rexburg for my LAST SEMESTER!  It so nice to know that the end is near. The plan is to surivive the bone chilling winter in Rexburg, graduate in April with a degree in Business Finance, and then head back down to warm Texas. I have two unofficial job.....offers....opportunities...not sure what to call them at this point ....with Goodman. I interviewed and I have some promising prospects after I gradute. I am excited about it; although, I will be more excited when somethingis  in writing. Law school is still in the picture but I am waiting to apply until I see how much Goodman would pay for something like a JD/MBA. We have spending the holidays here in Middleton, ID before we head out to Rexburg.  It has been great to eat lots of good food, sleep, and relax. 

Peyton is walking...a lot.  He has made a lot of progress these past few months. Yes, his hair is still red. He's a cute little guy and looks nothing like me. We still have occupational therapists and speech pathologists who work with him regularly.  He makes little "woof woof" sounds when we ask him what a doggie says but he still doesn't understand other easy words and phrases like "No"or "Shhh".  I guess he's just ....mischieviously cute.  I must say though, he goes to bed early, sleeps through the night, and wakes up around 8ish.  Could we ask for more?  

Here's some pics.