Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Such is life...

Today was a gorgeous day and Peyton and I finally broke out his new stroller and went for a walk. He liked it for the first little while, about 7 blocks or so, and then he got tired of the sun being in his eyes I think so we went home. It was the most I've been outside in who knows how long. It was the first time Peyton was outside besides walking from our apartment to the car. He was mesmerized by the sounds of the crunching leaves as we wheeled over them and by the cars passing us on the street. It was fun to get out of the house. I hope the weather will hold up a little while longer so we can have more daytime walks.
Peyton seems to be healing well from his hernia surgery last week. He still is really whiny all day though and is either sleeping or fussing at me until I pick him up. Hes a spoiled baby, but he deserves it. It gets really tiring though, especially when he wakes up every two hours all through the night. You gotta love him though. Daniel can pretty much get him to smile on cue now. Its super cute. I finally got him to smile today too. That was probably about the most productive thing I did all day.
Daniel is working hard making money for us to survive and keeping his grades up. Hes such a great dad, and a phenomenal husband. I love him to death and I couldn't keep my sanity without him. My parents tell us, "Daniel is the anchor and Catherine is the sail." I guess that means we make one heck of a good boat.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Welcome to our blog!

Hey ya'll! We thought we would start a blog to keep everyone posted in Peyton's progress (post-carepages) as well as on the crazy happenings in our lives. We hope you enjoy! We'll keep you posted!