Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Mom

Besides the fact that today is Mother's Day, there are several reasons why I celebrate my mother today. (No, I haven't forgotten about celebrating the mother of my children - my wife-but I thought I could dedicate this one for my mom... )

-Dedication - It takes a committed woman to raise 4 boys....especially us "rowdy Rawson" kids. Why she just didn't lock us all up in a room everyday and shove crackers under the door for food I'll never know! How cool it was to always know that when I came home from school, she would be there. Just about every t-ball, baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling match - she was there...and she wasn't embarrassed to claim me even when I was the kid way out in left field with his glove on his head... with both hands in his shirt...singing... in the middle of a game. Mom, it must have been real boring at times, but I am glad you were there, especially for the exciting times.
- Caring - Anyone who knows my mother well knows that she loves to talk on the phone--not to just be able to talk but to genuinely know how someone is doing. This trait is one that I hope to emulate in my life. Mom, I know I make fun about how often you call, and even when you ask me how my day was and I reply "Same as yesterday when you called...", I really do appreciate it and am very glad you care.
- Happy - the memories of my mom from my childhood portray a happy woman. One time, when I was about 4, I decided to back the van out the driveway with my 2 yr old brother in the back seat (good times!). I think it would be hard to raise a child like that and not constantly be a nervous wreck! I think most would consider it quite the accomplishment that the struggles and stresses of raising 4 boys were not noticed by or passed down to us. Thank you for not putting me up for adoption. It is comforting to know that even though you put off work, education, and hobbies, you found pride and happiness in caring and raising your kids. I will always be grateful.
-A great friend - True story- in middle school - I was bullied a few times (I know, hard to believe that as likable, popular, yet intimidating as I was that I would be bullied). I kid you not-- My mom once substituted my 6th grade class, came up to one of my bullies, and said (QUOTE) "You mess with my son, you mess with me!" HAHA! Yeah, I was embarrassed, and maybe even more scared of that bully after that, but it's great to have a mom that sticks up for you and is always on your side. Just for the record, my mom was the "cool substitute teacher " whose son was the not-s0-cool kid.

Today, I am proud to celebrate my amazing mother. Thank you for all your love, dedication, friendship, and care. Happy Mother's Day!

Love Always,


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AmyB said...

I completely agree, you have one amazing mother. She was so patient and loving to all of her kids rowdy friends too :) I am surprised she didn't lock ALL of us in a room. Oh wait, there was that game room. I wonder if she ever thought about just shutting the door and locking it...Hmmm.